Pay Per Play

Pay Per PlayMany people have already exposed the vast advancements and improvements that the internet brings to marketing and advertisements. The results are, simply put, astounding, benefiting companies who have used Pay Per Play advertising with billions of dollars in new advertising income as the market switches from television to internet.

Who Needs Pay Per Play?

Typically, big advertisers want this. But amazingly, Pay Per Play isn’t just for the big companies that bring in big income. The impact of advertisement and marketing on the internet has been so deep that anyone who advertises at all, whether on main time or late night cable, can get in on and benefit from this Pay Per Play technology. In fact, business owners who are unable to Pay per play advertise on television and cable can easily take advantage of this new advertising channel.

What Makes Pay Per Play Advertising Successful?

Contributing factors to the success of audio Pay per play advertising is the growth in social time spent on the internet. Many who used to turn to television and cable for acting and relaxation are now spending that time and more on the internet. Whether researching, reading a recently out novel or watching a borrowed movie, so many activities are now found online.

Finally, the fact that the advertisements that Pay Per Play customers bring are only audio and only 5 seconds long is positively a big plus. Viewers, or listeners are usually pleased when dealing with a 5 second punch line over a 2-minute mind numbing attempt to combine acting with sales pitching.

The Positive Impacts of Pay Per Play

With advertisement becoming a spike in show watcher’s sides, hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S. face changes in their employment constancy. When commercials are ignored, they lose their output, thus removing their use. The people who work hard to create those marketing drives and fun advertisements to keep their company going, face not having any work to do. Until now. Pay Per Play creates a whole new marketing field.

The Change

What is Pay Per Play (PPP) Advertising?

NetAudioAds or Pay Per Play (PPP) advertising is an advertising channel that works on an offer system like Google AdWords. Publishers are compensated like with AdSense only the owner of the website gets revenue on all of their traffic without clicks.

Large companies who Pay per play advertise big like Del Taco are able to deliver a 5 second audio advertisement to site guests on specific sites that people who eat Del Taco also go to. The advertising is so specific that clicks aren’t needed. And it’s only 5 seconds!

Though this form of Pay par play advertising is not completely new to the world, it currently has over 66,000 marketers and advertisers and serves Pay Per Play audio ads to over 550,000 websites. Those ads bring over 40 million advertisement impresses monthly.

The comfort of use of the product is a big plus. The sound ad doesn’t take up any space or reason friction in loading time. Nor does it need any clicks. The audio adjust plays whenever a caller enters a page or site that has the Pay Per Play code fixed in it. This enables website owners to be paid by each play slightly than by click, resultant in better revenue.


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