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Pay Per InstallGo Crazy with Pay per Install

Do you know how many people are making money on the internet every day? How about every minute? Millions! And there always seem to be new ways to do it, too. How many have you tried? Well, there is a new one that you may not have tried that is easy and fun. It’s called pay per install.

Pay per install is a way to add content to your website or files that you currently share on the internet, and every time someone clicks on the content or shares your files and installs it, you get paid. That’s the easy part. The content is the fun part. You can put games or music files up for people to enjoy, or even a daily horoscope program that they can install. Pay per install content is content that your visitors will actually enjoy.

There are lots of pay per install companies out there that you can sign up with, you’re not limited to just one. The more you sign up with, the more money you can make, but be careful. As with anything that is popular on the internet, there are bad companies out there that either put spyware on people’s computers or that won’t pay at the end of the month. Just do a little research and see what people are saying who have used pay per install and you’ll be able to avoid the bad companies. There are more good ones than bad.

Once you’ve found some good pay per install companies and signed up as an affiliate, you might just go a little crazy with it. And that’s okay, because the crazier you go, the more money you will earn. But just a bit of advice on the going crazy part. Don’t put up so much pay per install content that it takes away from the reason people come to your site in the first place. You will have to be creative in making your pay per install content accessible, but not overbearing. So go ahead and go a little crazy and make some money with pay per install.

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