Pay Per Call

Pay Per CallIs Pay Per Call Here to Stay?

It is not that difficult to know. Pay per call advertisements encourage a customer to give you a jingle instead of clicking or even making a purchase. (at least not nearly) It potentially can generate a lot more targeted traffic for you because the customer is more targeted and attentive than just a link clicker.

Pay per call affiliate program

Let’s go find that pay per call affiliate program that will kind us some cash. As you search through Google, you find a number of sites trade your product. Sites look professional, they even have an affiliate link at the bottom, so you are good to go. But wait, what is that, top correct corner. It is bold, 8 digits, it is alternating. It is an order phone number. Forget this pay per call program you think to yourself, too much leak. They won’t pay me for phone calls.

Well let’s not tip this trade just yet, they may just have a pay per call program. Pay per call is one more way for you as a producer or affiliate to get paid. If you do not see mention of the pay per call program on the business site, they probably do not have one, but a quick email, asking how they pay for phone calls will give you the answer. If the reply is” oh, scarcely any calls come in, or nobody really uses the phone these days” then move on, do not work with them. If they reply and say “all leads are traced, including phone ins”, then you may have a winner.

Pay per call bounties

Pay per call bounties are usually sole to the action. for instance, the promoter may pay $0.50 per click to their site, $6.00 per call to their site that lasts 1 minute or more, and $25 bounty for a sale.

You as the editor get to decide which program will work the best for you and then how to market it. I will tell you that advertising on mobile networks is the best place to run pay per call campaigns. They work so well, because you can set them up so a user from their iPhone can simply click a key on their phone and be connected to the advertiser.

advertiser’s benefits and disadvantages on pay per call

Now let’s look at the advertiser’s aids and disadvantages on pay per call. The disadvantage is simply that they want to pay more, allot more for their pay per call program. Whereas they can pay $0.50 for a click to their site, they must pay $6 or well for a call. Because of this, they want a new division within their company to handle incoming calls, and monetize them well. The advertiser must always be taxing to find what works best. The advantage is direct contact

Getting paid for making phone calls to merchant’s sites is here to stay. It is one more way for you the publisher to monetize your traffic. It is one more way for the trade to get closer to their customer quickly. And a final bonus is that pay per call is both an online and offline advertising opportunity.


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