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Click booth affiliates can trust on us for the best offers, guaranteed on-time payments and cutting edge technology.

 Skilled Account Managers

Our team of industry experts will provide best practices and visions that take your affiliate marketing to the next level and you’re also likely to gain a lifelong friend. Click Booth’s Account Managers get voted in the industry and have been known to attend client’s enjoyment.

One-Stop Solution

It’s not rare for you to test our offers, be carried away by the performance and swap all of your traffic to click booth. We have thousands of curated, top performing, high-class offers across 20+ verticals.

Affiliate Friendly Technology

Our team of designers is continuously moving out value-add tools to increase your performance and make your life easier. Brand & Image Revolution a piece of code that allows affiliates to inform their pages once and run multiple offers through one link, with consistent product names and images. Multi-Level Offer Importance also ranks as an admirer favorite – letting you select specific offers to run before you take the benefits from our system if your cap hits. Have an idea for a new feature? Let us know, we do weekly releases.

Weekly Guaranteed Payments

When participants list payments as a benefit, but there are too many fly-by-night networks. For us, payment, irrespective of whether or not the promoter pays, is a condition and we’ve never missed a payment in our business carrier.

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We demand our affiliate to strictly follow our network’s terms and conditions at all times. Our compliance department performs regular quality reviews, plus our 24/7 monitoring policy to all sites in our publishing network. One Better Network’s mission is to make sure that the advertisers will receive the best quality traffic possible.

General F.A.Q.:

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is an internet–based method used to promote an Advertiser’s online business through revenue sharing between advertisers and publishers.

What is CPA?

“CPA” stands for Cost per Acquisition or Cost per Action and is defined as the cost to an advertiser for a specific action taken by a user who has responded to an ad. Anything from generating a lead to closing a sale could be considered the action.

Am I Affiliate or advertiser?                  

An Affiliate, also known as a publisher, may be, but is not limited to: a website owner, search engine marketer, media buyer or email list owner who promotes a merchant’s products or services on which ads can be published and seen by visitors. Advertiser, known also as the merchant, is any person or company selling the goods or services.

What should I do if my question is not answered here?

Feel free to reach out to us through our Contact form.

Affiliate F.A.Q.:

What makes you different from the other affiliate networks?

We consider our publishers members of our team and together we work to maximize your revenue stream.

How do I get started?

You can apply by filling our registration form. Please make sure that your site meets the minimum requirements and you’re aware of our T&C. All affiliate applications are carefully evaluated. If we denied your application and you think this is incorrect, feel free to contact us.

What are the One Better Network payment terms and how do I get paid?

Your account must exceed our minimum payment threshold of $50.00 (fifty dollars) for the month in order to receive a payment. We pay our publishers on a Net-30 basis. You can choose between the two most common payment methods, check or PayPal. In order to receive your payments we need you to edit the payment information in your OBN account and send a signed W8/W9 form to Please keep in mind the names on your W8/W9 must match the names of the person you’d like the Check to be released to or the account holder of the PayPal account you’ve listed in the system. If those do not match, we won’t be able to process your payments. W8/W9 forms are also valid for 3 (three) years, so we may need you to renew this once in a while.

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